With expertise in Next Generation Sequencing technologies and clinical bioinformatics, Vascular Genetix offers robust and reproducible diagnostic services with the sensitivity needed to meet clinical requirements.
We offer a range of advanced genomic tools, including high-throughput genotyping, genome, transcriptome or methylome sequencing to help drive this research.
Analysis of DNA methylation, DNA demethylation, and the functional effects in these changes are of increasing interest to epigenetics researchers in developmental programming, cell differentiation, disease identification, and therapeutic development
Genomics provides a means to determine the composition and functional annotation of complex microbial populations, providing insights into the interactions between microorganisms and their environments.
Food industry and agriculture sectors are important contributors to the economy. Advances in genomic technologies are providing access to testing approaches which were previously unavailable.
NGS analyses of methylomes, transcriptomes, immunoprecipitated protein samples, genomes and microbial diversity have especially high impact for researchers working in the field of Molecular Biology or Biotechnology.