metagenomics & microbiology

Metagenomics & Microbiology

Genomics provides a means to determine the composition and functional annotation of complex microbial populations, providing insights into the interactions between microorganisms and their environments.

Vascular Genetix has a comprehensive range of tools for microbiome analysis including:

16S rDNA- and ITS-based amplicon sequencing

Amplicon sequencing is the most cost-effective way to understand the composition of a microbial community. Our analysis provides OTU clustering as well as taxonomic and diversity profiling for eubacteria or fungi.

Metagenomic Shotgun DNA Sequencing

Sequence the whole metagenome of a community using shotgun sequencing at different depth. Whole metagenome sequencing provides not only taxonomic information but also allows interrogation of the genes present, providing insight into the important pathways of microbial communities. 

Metatranscriptome RNA Sequencing

Studying the RNA of a microbial community captures the expression of all genes. Metatranscriptomics provides more insight into the function of microbes within a community and how they interact with each other and their environment.

Microbial Whole Genome Sequencing

Resequencing or De Novo Sequencing workflows are also available for variant detection, genome assembly and annotation of pure microbial isolates