Next generation facility

Vascular Genetix’s human diagnostic laboratory is Hungary’s most modern, fully automated, high-throughput, next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) facility, using the latest technologies to perform quality-assured, standardised, rapid and more cost-effective testing of mainly human samples for research and diagnostic purposes.

Eliminating the possibility of human error

Samples arriving at the laboratory will be uniquely identified by a barcode, the automated scanning of which will help to track and identify the sample during the whole workflow, i.e. robotic nucleic acid extraction and library preparation, quality control, sequencing, sample archiving and bioinformatic processing, while eliminating the possibility of human error.

The processing of DNA or RNA samples

The processing of DNA or RNA samples, the so-called library preparation, is carried out using the latest DreamPrep NGS robot from the Swiss company TECAN, which does not require human intervention, and also perfoms quality control using the integrated NuQuant technology. Samples are moved by its robotic arms between devices, such as an integrated PCR machine, magnetic separator, liquid handler, cooler, shaker or optical module at high speed.

Another TECAN robot is responsible for normalisation, pooling and final dilution of the sequencing libraries prepared from the samples. If high throughput is required, this automated device can weigh the libraries for quantitative and qualitative analysis, i.e. quality control on high-tech plate reader and electrophoresis device, respectively.

Next-generation sequencing of the prepared samples will be performed on Illumina’s largest genome sequencing platform, the NovaSeq 6000, which allows up to population-level analysis of whole human genomes. In addition to the NovaSeq, we’re also using Illumina’s CE-IVD-cleared platforms, the NextSeq 550Dx and MiSeqDx, for in vitro diagnostic purposes, which is also approved by the FDA.

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